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Cavaliers are now in trouble

Cavaliers are now in trouble, many Cavaliers fans are concerned about Sidney Crosby Adidas Jersey, when Thomas can come back. As we all know, this year's playoffs, Thomas's sister died in a car accident. Today, netizens wrote on social media. "Remember forever that you have a guardian angel in heaven who wishes you well and can not wait to see you return Christian Thomas Adidas Jersey." Thomas then responded, "Yes, I will remember Live, but I hope she can stay with me. Although Rose's performance is very good Pittsburgh Penguins Jerseys, but he repeated injuries due to injury, or let a lot of fans worried about him, after all, his career suffered too many injuries Justin Schultz Adidas Jersey, from "youngest MVP" to "basic salary" today, Rose experienced too many difficult times, so we all hope that injuries can be far away from him, but Rose will not easily change their style of play, or change their take time, only hope Rose's injury will not be too serious, not Will let him miss too long. In order to enhance the team's overall strength, the Thunder in the offseason operation is also very hard, has introduced Paul - George and Carmelo Anthony two superstars, together with the original Russell - Westbrook, The super-Big Three possesses the strength to challenge Warriors on their books. However, this season's Thunder 5 wins and 7 losses, in line with the configuration of their lineup serious disagreement, but not to mention the results aside, just this lineup of funds to maintain a very large.

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